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capital coders This spring, Fairfax County Office of Public Private Partnerships (OP3) facilitated a partnership between Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department, the American Heart Association, and Celebrate Fairfax to promote hands only CPR during National CPR and AED Awareness Week in June. The goal is to advocate for CPR and AED training to reduce death and disability from cardiac arrest by highlighting how easy it is to save a life. Working together on traditional and non-traditional promotion, the partnership encourages at least one person in every household to become CPR and AED trained so that they can act until help arrives.

Did you know that the CPR rules have changed from ABC (Airway, Breathing, and Chest Compressions) to CAB (Chest Compressions, Airway, and Breathing)?

This fundamental change to “hands only” Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) has proven to save lives by starting the lifesaving chest compressions sooner, while there is still oxygen in the lungs and airways. Plus, the new guidelines are easier to perform removing the “fear factor” – bystanders simply need to call 911, then push hard and fast on the center of the chest until help arrives. 

One fun and inventive way the team promoted “hands only” CPR was through a flash mob at Celebrate Fairfax! During the intermission at the lip sync concert, firefighters/EMTs with CPR mannequins entered the crowd and began to do compressions to the Bee Gees Staying Alive. They then encouraged bystanders to join in and see how easy it is to do compressions and save lives. It worked! The crowd joined in and saw just how simple saving someone could be!


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  • 70% of out of hospital cardiac arrests happen in the home.

  • Doing chest compressions to the beat of the Bee Gees song, Staying Alive, until help arrives is the best way to help save someone’s life.

  • Travelers who find themselves waiting on their flight can make the most out of delays by learning the lifesaving skill of Hands-Only CPR at eight interactive kiosks located at several airports nationwide
  • Learning hands-only CPR can take only 90 seconds. Watch this video to learn!

  • Prompt delivery of CPR can double or triple the victim’s chance of survival. For every minute without CPR, survival from witnessed cardiac arrest decreases about 10 percent. The time between the initial 9-1-1 telephone call and the arrival of emergency personnel may be longer than five minutes; therefore, a cardiac arrest victim’s survival is likely dependent on a bystander trained in CPR who takes action and who has access to a lifesaving AED
Anthem Foundation has funded and placed CPR training kiosks in 8 major airports across the US.

Home Depot has deployed 1000 CPR training kits in 45 state.

Through the support of Northside Hospital in Atlanta, a CPR kiosk was placed at The Home Depot’s Store Support Center in Atlanta that will teach over 6,000 associates how to save a life when an emergency happens.
The American Heart Association’s “Life is Why” encourages people to take action to save lives. Donate today at their website.

Wear Red on the first Friday of February to support Women’s Heart Health. Make a lifesaving fashion statement by wearing red. (Don’t have red – you can buy stylish stuff here




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