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Project Lifesaver

Sheriff's deputy changes transmitter battery in boy's ankle band.Project Lifesaver is a search and rescue program employed by the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office designed for “at risk” individuals who are prone to the life-threatening behavior of wandering. The program serves the needs of children and adults with autism, Down syndrome or a cognitive impairment, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, that may cause them to chronically wander and not find their way back home. Ultimately, it provides a timely response to save lives and reduce potential injuries. It also offers peace of mind for the caregivers of those people with a cognitive condition.

Project Lifesaver clients wear a wrist or ankle band that emits a silent radio frequency. When caregivers notify the Sheriff ’s Office that their loved one is missing, specially-trained Sheriff’s deputies respond to the area and conduct a search with state-of-the-art locating equipment. Project Lifesaver has a 100 percent success rate in locating wandering children and adults and bringing them safely home.

Project Lifesaver equipment is funded through individual and corporate donations, not taxpayer dollars. Clients pay $300 per year or $25 per month. However, no one is ever turned away. The inability to pay does not prevent participation in the program.


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  • The Lifesaver bracelet is the size of a wristwatch. It sends out a low-powered signal that reaches about a mile radius.
  • Trackers use antennas to find the signal, and once a beep is heard, a perimeter one mile out from the beep is established and slowly closed.
  • Nationwide 3,459 people have been rescued using the Project Lifesaver technology.
  • Fairfax County has located and saved 61 people using Project Lifesaver.
This program does not use taxpayer dollars. Instead, it has been funded by many corporate sponsors including: The Virginia Wireless Association, Verizon, Northrop Grumman and Oracle. Fundraising is ongoing.

Last May Paisano’s Pizza sponsored photos with Redskin Ryan Kerrigan to support Project Lifesaver raising nearly $400 for the project.

In 2017 Sharon Lodge #327 also had a fundraiser and donated $520 They held their second chili cookoff in June 2018. Funds will be dispersed this month.


Donate to the Lord Fairfax Charity Ride and direct proceeds to Project Lifesaver.

[Lord Fairfax, the 14th Baron of Cameron, will lead a motorcycle ride to benefit four local charities, Fairfax Mason Research Fund, The Lamb Center, the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office Project Lifesaver, and Bethlehem Baptist Church Community Support Program. ]

To date more than $2300 dollars have been donated to Project Lifesaver through the Lord Fairfax Charity Ride!




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